What is this website about?

We are a specialist action team that works silently addressing issues in society that need corrected.

What do you do?

We work with chosen offenders; they always know who are, because we have an open and direct dialogue with them, prior to any names or organisation being added here.

The only time a person’s name appears here is when they do not capitulate.

Our first letter was sent over 50 years ago and have worked constantly since then, it was recently decided to create a website to aid and support our work in new ways. 

Twists of life

Poachers turn gamekeeper, Hackers have hacked, gone to prison, and then employed as specialists, even programs made about terrible crimes generate profit.

Can you take redundancy and get the same job with less days and more money, is this normal? The answer is yes if this was the same for everyone. However, it is only the selection few that can do this, why? Because you pay for it.

Profit is good, profit at the expense of community is wrong.

Government is needed and important, but only in a fair and transparent way and works with community, not treat the community as their own personal ants. There are many amazing people that work in the public section, but the bad apples spread, personal pursuit is wrong.

Are you one of the stupid?

If you see it in the media online, on the news, do you believe and accept what they say? Wrong! it is their opinion or interpretation only, and designed to bring you in, then their only goal is to make money on you by keeping you interested. Find the truth, or your own world or the world of your children will crumble.

Ultra Vires, what is it?

This is Latin for exceeding the power bestowed upon you.

What does shadow in plain sight mean?

We all hear too often wasted costs here, dodgy dealings, things that are wrong in our communities or thwarted by others, by lab rats that often do not even live locally, or simply are not good at their jobs, at our expense and we suffer.

Our shadow teams are local area groups, who’s mission to is........... shear fun

Can we get involved?

Yes, we often ask people to support our actions in their own area’s 

Shadow team - Share is fair and mountains move.